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AlphaNu is a marketplace that facilitates the subscriptions of powerful trading algorithms created by top Wall Street developers.



10/7/2019 21:00 - 14/7/2019 21:00

Subscription Trading Mode: ANU/ETH



40,000 ANU : 100 USD

0.0025 USD / ANU TOKEN

5% bonus ANU Tokens for purchases of more than 2 ETH


No lock up


Although computer-driven trades have been readily becoming the majority of the US market, other comparable markets are still heavily reliant on manual trading.

  • Computer Trading
  • Data: Bloomberg


Our marketplace focuses on addressing this demand for thesis-driven automatic trading,
applied to the fastest growing markets in the world.


Register your profile with us, retrieve exclusive datasets for backtesting your algorithms and begin selling algorithm access via the largest trading brokerages across Asia. Source Code is kept fully confidential and encrypted.


Pick from our inventory of the highest performing* algorithms in the world, proven by historical data and created by the top minds on Wall Street. Automate your trading and produce greater results.

*Past Performance Is Not Indicative Of Future Results


Join in to be one of the pioneers in promoting computerized trading across Asia. Our platform allows you to buy fractional portions of the sale revenue of Algorithm Subscriptions (”Revenue Contracts”). As the market for algorithms grows, so will sales and ultimately the revenue stream of the algorithms.


AlphaNu has built up and processed thousands of datasets in preparation for our launch. Be the first to test your algorithms in our environment with rare data from various top exchanges in Asia.

Dalian Commodity Exchange

Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange

We have accumulated a vast trove of critical exchange information and processed it to be suitable for Algorithm development work. We also have networking and data bounties available for anyone who is able to assist us with getting access to more data.

Our Ecosystem values Community Involvement

AlphaNu's vision is to democratize market access for everyone. Even if you're not a trader, you can be involved in growing AlphaNu:

Be a Pioneer

As a stakeholder in the sales revenue of algorithms, you are encouraged to actively promote algorithms and be an ambassador on behalf of the developers.

Data and Networking

Structured data is precious to developers on Wall Street. We welcome introductions for potential partnerships in getting exclusive data sets especially in the Asian markets to our platform.

Introducing ANU

ANU Token is used to distribute resources evenly within our ecosystem, and enable various features within our platform:

Listing Deposit

Developers place a token deposit in order to put up a listing in the marketplace, which is refunded against their first sale.

This token deposit prevents malicious spam activity and covers the necessary due diligence, administrative and processing costs for our platform.

Staking for Data Access

Access to Data in the AlphaNu ecosystem is controlled with an ANU stake. This stake, required to be committed by our developers on a monthly basis, allows the value of the processed data to be priced by our ecosystem instead of a fixed pricing set by us - reflecting the growth of our platform along with the value of our marketplace.

Payments and Contracts

Revenue Contracts are automated via Smart Contracts, with the proceeds on each sale automatically disbursed to all stakeholders.

Additionally, transactions made in ANU Token will qualify for a platform fee discount.


Paul Hsu
Co Founder, CEO

  • Co-Founder, Managing Partner THM Capital: Quant Trading Hedge Fund
  • 20 Years Experience in Finance
  • Former Research Head at Andante Capital and Research Associate at Compass International Advisory
  • BA in Economics, University of California (UCSD)
  • MBA, National Taiwan University (NTU)

Dr. Sean Hsu
Co Founder, CIO

  • Head of Research, THM Capital
  • Ph.D. in Financial Engineering, National Taiwan University (NTU)
  • Specialization in Time Series, Market Dynamics, and Game Theory
  • Associate Professor at Ming Chuan University (Department of Finance)

Chih Ming Yang
Co Founder, CTO

  • Founder at Kelvinwallet and Chelpis
  • 10 Years Experience in Systems Architect and New Technology Developments
  • BSc in Computer Science, National Sun Yat-Sen University (NTU)
  • MSc in Computer Science, National Taiwan University (NTU)

Dr. Luke Yang
Data Scientist

  • Former R&D Engineer at National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology
  • Former Chief Engineer at Procrystal Technology Co. and Simtrans Tech Inc.
  • Ph.D. in Physics, National Taiwan University (NTU)

Zack Chou
Algorithm Developer Engineer

  • Developer at THM Capital
  • Former Engineer at Castles Technology
  • Specialization in Backend Connectivity Issues w.r.t Computer Trading in China
  • BSc in Physics, National Taiwan University (NTU)

Danny Chen
Blockchain & Cryptography Engineer

  • Tech Lead at Chelpis in Development and Design of Large Blockchain Applications
  • 10 Years Experience in Software Development and Cloud Application Solutions
  • BSc in Engineering, National Chung Hsing University
  • MSc in Engineering, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU)

Firmware developer

  • 20 Years Experience in Microcontroller Firmware Development
  • Patent - Method of Communicating with Embedded Controller (ACPI EC)
  • MSc Computer Science, Yuan-Ze University

Sandy Chiang
Marketing and PR Head

  • Former marketing manager at Unity Collective, a fashion group specializing in women’s swimwear, men’s beachwear, and health restaurant chains
  • Specialize in social media management & marketing and SEO.
  • Bachelor degree in English, Soochow University


Allen Sung

  • Vice Chairman, Allis Electric Co., Ltd
  • Director, Nissin-Allis Electric Co., Ltd
  • Director, Nissin Allis Union Ion Equipment Co., Ltd
  • Independent Director, ABICO Netcom Co. Ltd

Andrew Teoh

  • Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder, Ikaria Capital
  • Founding Managing Partner, Ameba Capital
  • Ex Vice President and Head of Corporate Finance, Alibaba Group
  • Lead Alibaba’s key milestone transactions in 2005 US$1bn strategic investment by Yahoo Inc. and 2007 US$1.7bn IPO of Alibaba.com

David Kim

  • Co-Founder and CEO, Blue Block Capital
  • 13 years career in M&A, advisory and management consulting covering blockchain, emerging technologies, and financial services with PwC and Deloitte
  • Helped build the Blockchain and Emerging Tech practice in PwC in 2017
  • Notable blockchain projects advised include Loom Network, Metadium, and XYO Network

Jeff Wiseman

  • Managing Partner, LehmanBush Capital
  • Director of Digital Assets, LehmanBush
  • Pioneered disruptive energy technologies in Asia, growing profits more than 600% in two years
  • Former Legislative Aide, United States Congress, with a focus on financial service regulations

Jimmie Jeremejev

  • Managing Partner, LehmanBush Capital
  • Managing Director, LehmanBush
  • Successful investment in Populous, a global architectural design firm which exited at 400x
  • Most impactful project: Orbital Systems, a water recycling solution developed for NASA (expecting IPO in 2020)

Manmeet Singh

  • CFO & CIO of Emurgo the commercial and venture arm of Cardano. Leads global strategy, focusing on building the accelerator, education and investment units
  • Managing Director at EMURGO & SOSV’s newly launched dLab blockchain accelerator
  • Council Member of the Cardano Foundation
  • Managing Partner of Blockseed Ventures
  • Founding Member of Blockchain for Europe | Co-Founder of Y2X | Advisory Board Member at Bloq

Max Yen

  • Current Director of Engineering at SuperMoney
  • 18 Years Experience as Systems Developer
  • Designed and Built Nike’s B2B E-Commerce website for the Team Apparel & Custom Uniform Business Division

Stephen Chia

  • Ex Council Member & Regional Head SE Asia,NEM.io Foundation
  • Director, ADAcode Systems (Patented Mobile Solutions & APICTA Winner 2013)
  • Sr. Consultant, Entrepreneurial Services Group, Ernst & Young, New York, USA

Vincent Hu

  • Chairman, ABICO Netcom Co. Ltd
  • Chairman, Jabon International Co. Ltd
  • President, Ability I Venture Capital Corporation


/Our History

We started out as THM Capital in 2013, a quantitative hedge fund that develops its own algorithms for trading global financial markets. Over the years, we have gained core knowledge, experience and capabilities in our work that has allowed us to earn the trust of big clients like Cathay Life Insurance and Maike Futures Co.



Founded THM Capital


Created an automated hedging program for Cathay Life Insurance that manages $200 billion in assets

2016 - 2017

Worked with Maike Futures Co., subsidiary of Maike Group (Largest Copper and Aluminium Trader in China) to develop a customized and fully automated trading algorithm

Q1 2018 - Phase 1

  • Conceptualization of AlphaNu
  • Begin development of developer portal and environment

Q2 2019 - Phase 2

  • Launch of AlphaNu Token Sale
  • Alpha launch of developer portal and coding environment MVP
  • Developer acquisition and on-boarding

Q2 2020 - Phase 3

  • Public launch of developer portal and brokerage partnerships
  • Private beta of customer portal

Q3 2020 - Phase 4

  • Launch of marketplace and customer portal
  • AlphaNu token activation

Q4 2020 - Phase 5

  • Mobile App/Interface launch
  • Regional expansion to other APAC markets

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