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500,000 BF Tokens + Up To 50% Cash Back!

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04.26.2019 ~ 06.05.2019

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BitForex Referral Event - 500,000BF Tokens + Up To 50% Cash Back!

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Double Rewards
Reward 1

Inviting your friends to register for a BitForex account will net you 30BF, and your invitee 40BF. The more friends you invite, the more rewards you can earn - up to 30,000 BF tokens

Reward 2

Inviters can get up to 50% cash back using the Super Commission system. Learn more

Reward method

Overlay reward

For each successful registration of an invited friend, the inviter will receive 30BF. The maximum number of friends that can register through a single referral link is 1000. Inviters can get up to 50% cash back using the Super Commission system.

Mutual Benefits

Invited users receive 40BF;
This event is not limited to level, A invites B to register, and both A and B can get the rewards. B can also be an inviter, invite C to register, B and C can win, and so on.

Limited Quantity

Total rewards for activities: 500,000 BF, first come first served.

How it Works

Step 1 - Sign up for a BitForex account

Please register via the invitation link below or use the invitation code 2119754 to register.

Sign Up for BitForex

Step 2 - Invitation

After logging in, navigate to the Super Commission page, and copy your unique referral link.

Official website shortcut entrance BitForex English official website: Super Commission page:

Step 3 – Share

You can find your own exclusive invitation link or invitation code on the Super Commission page. Share your invitation link to your community to invite more friends.

Step 4 - Getting rewards

Send us your UID using this form to confirm your participation in this event. After the event, the reward will be automatically sent to your account.

«Super Commision Event Form»

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